Cristina Wood L.Ac, FABORM
Specializing in
Women's Health and Fertility
3812 Sepulveda Blvd Ste 340
Torrance, CA.  90505
Phone: 310.713.9663
TCM & Fertility

After over three years of surgeries and procedures I needed help and by chance I found your information online and gave you a call. From the first moment I met you I knew I would be in good hands. I was confident after my first visit that you would be able to help me with my fertility issues. You are incredibly knowledgeable not only as an acupuncturist but also as a woman who has been there herself.

We met just in time to start treatment for my second round of IVF. I was amazed at how well my body responded to acupuncture. My IVF treatment improved drastically and I believe it is due to my treatments with you. My husband and I had hope again. Now, here I am pregnant and I am convinced it is because of you. Your care and concern has not stopped and I am indebted to you for all you have done. You are the best and I can稚 wait for you to meet our baby.

Jennifer and Chris


I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the help, relief and advice you have given me!! When you first started treating me, we were aggressively treating my stress-induced back pain. Without one treatment I could feel a difference in my muscles and in my anxiety. Not only did you gently treat my condition, you offered wonderful and practical advice along with some fabulous herbs that did wonders for my tension. Within a few months, my back issues resolved and I have you to thank!! Currently, we are working on bringing relief to my digestive discomfort and again you are coming to the rescue. I've really appreciated your gentle nature and technique during my treatments. I've also truly enjoyed your sound insight, advice and referrals for other individuals who could be of benefit to me.

You are truly a top-notch acupuncturist and I'm so glad we met! I'm lucky to be your patient and to be under your care and council.

Erika B.


After my fourth miscarriage, I went looking for a reproductive endocrinologist and an acupuncturist who specialized in fertility. I found Cristina, and I was not disappointed. She spent a long time going over my cycle charts with me, including those for my first loss, my successful pregnancy, and then my three successive losses. We discussed my RE's diagnosis and started a plan that involved diet changes, herbs, and acupuncture. I did get pregnant again that first cycle, but suffered another early loss. Cristina was very supportive throughout the whole ordeal. After several more months, I was able to conceive again. We continued acupuncture treatments through the first trimester. After five losses, I was quite the basket case in those early months, but I really felt that Cristina understood how I felt. She was always supportive and understanding. This time, I was able to carry the baby to term, and am now the happy mommy to two wonderful boys. My family is probably complete, but if I ever try to conceive again, I will definitely go back to Cristina for evaluation and treatment. Having an acupuncturist that really understood fertility issues and could help me with sincere compassion was invaluable to me.



I started seeing Cristina Wood for treatment in September of 2007. I was recovering from a painful ruptured achilles tendon surgery and suffering from menorrhagia, adenomyosis, and a uterine fibroid. Almost immediately, the acupuncture treatments and prescribed herbs began to help. The pain in my foot reduced significantly and the painful periods also began to regulate. My mood has improved, my PMS has disappeared, and I am no longer considering a hysterectomy to remove the adenomyosis and fibroid. Along the way, Cristina has also successfully treated my allergies and the flu. Cristina doesn't just treat the physical ailments. She takes the time, care, patience, and interest to treat the whole, integrated person. She is warm and kind, providing counsel on all aspects of health and well-being--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. For me, she is not only a great healthcare provider, she has also become a trusted advisor, life coach, and friend.



"Many people train to be acupuncturists but not all of them can do what Cristina Wood does. She knows her stuff 'medically' and 'intuitively.' I have been treated by Cristina on and off since 2005 and she is now part of my life. Whether she is injecting 'pins' or 'humor,' a session with Cristina always leaves me feeling much better and the results speak for themselves."



I started seeing her for treatment once a week and found the treatments to be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. She has a very personal yet professional approach to her practice. Cristina was able to answer any questions that I had (and there were a lot), she returned my calls in a timely manner, and she was always on time with appointments. She recommended excellent doctors with whom she has worked with in the past and she would communicate with them about my progress. I had a few setbacks over the past year and would sometimes get discouraged but Cristina was always hopeful and positive and that helped me to believe that it would happen. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and have "graduated" from acupuncture treatments, I miss them very much but continue to call Cristina with questions and she is always genuinely happy to hear from me and able to help set my mind at ease. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.