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TCM & Fertility
Many patients always ask the same question: but how does it work?  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are not specific to one particular issue in a woman’s body.  If a woman has a hard time getting pregnant, it’s the whole body that is out of balance not just the uterus and/or ovaries.  And so the importance is to restore the natural balance in the whole person and not just one particular area.
Directly, acupuncture and Chinese herbs do help achieve the following outcomes:
Improve the function of ovaries to increase the production of quality follicles.
Increase the blood flow to the uterus to build an effective uterine lining for implantation
Helps reduce the negative side effects of ART drug protocols
Enhances the ability to carry the fetus or fetuses to term
Relaxes the patient throughout the whole process whether it’s a natural cycle or a stimulated
  IVF cycle
More importantly, TCM allows a patient to realize that she is not broken but simply out of balance and once that balance is achieved, it allows the patient to view herself as a whole being.