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TCM & Fertility

The treatment of infertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back 5,000 years. These ancient techniques improve fertility rates by 40% and support a woman’s whole body. The results are a healthy woman with the unlimited potential for healing and childbearing.

Many modalities of Chinese Medicine are used here at our office to help women achieve a successful pregnancy.

Acupuncture - an ancient healing technique using small, hair-thin needles placed at specific points on a body.
Herbs - Chinese herbal formulas have been around for over 5,000 years. Many of these formulas were created to help bring balance and harmony to a woman’s reproductive cycle to ensure health and healthy babies.
Nutritional Therapy - The old saying of “You are what you eat” holds true in Chinese Medicine. What we put in our bodies on a daily basis makes up who we are and how we function. Nutritional therapy is key to unlocking a woman’s reproductive potential and its necessary to maintaining a pregnancy.
Mediation - Never has meditation been so needed as it is today. Many patient’s number one complaint is stress management. Mediation which is an inexpensive way of tapping into the mind’s eye is one of the most effective ways of battling stress and keeping it at bay.
Electroacupuncture - Depending on a patient’s needs, electroacupuncture which is the use of apply electro-currents to acupuncture needles is used to break up stasis in the body and ensure the natural flow of energy and blood.
Moxibustion - Using Ai Ye which is a warming herb in Chinese Medicine, moxibustion is used when a patient presents with severe cold conditions that have attributed to her problems with fertility.
Cupping - Using small round suction cups on the body helps break up stagnation in the blood and muscles and ensures the free flowing of qi (energy) throughout the body.

Other techniques that may be required are: Gua Sha (scraping), auricular therapy (ear acupuncture), laser stimulation or even manual manipulation of the points.